Learning to Drive

How it works.

We will issue you with a DVSA Driver record to chart your progress. Periodic updates will be made to help you, the learner, focus on key areas to be worked on in preparation for a Mock Test.

We will conduct a Mock Test, which is similar to the actual DVSA test, in order to familiarise you with what to expect. We normally carry out the Mock Test when your driving performance is near ‘test standard’.

If you have had previous training, we will carry out an assessment of your driving ability so that we can tailor our lesson plans to your individual needs.

We recommend lessons of 1.5 hours duration (but can offer 2 hour lessons) so as to maximise the benefit of training and practice. All lessons are on a one to one basis, with no car sharing.

We cover both the Theory and Hazard Perception tests during lessons, but you will benefit from doing plenty of practice at home. It costs nothing to do this at home and we can advise you on suitable training materials to purchase if you wish to do so.

Due to the introduction of the New Test on 4th December 2017, new manoeuvres will be replacing current manoeuvres. In addition, the use of SatNav for 20 minutes will replace the old 10 minutes of independent driving. The use of SatNav will be introduced into lessons for students who are capable of following instructions without issues. Pulling up on the right hand side of the road and then reversing in a straight line for approx 2 car lengths, then pulling away back into flow of traffic is a new manoeuvre, as is driving forward into a Bay and then reversing out is another. The existing parallel park and reverse Bay park remains the same.